5 Canadian Online Pharmacies Worth Their Salt: Proven By Customers

This article is intended to help consumers find the lowest drug prices online from licensed pharmacies in United States, Canada and other countries. You can easily find information to safely order prescription drugs from an American or Canadian pharmacy or other international online pharmacy. Below, you’ll find a list of the 5 best online pharmacies with the lowest drug prices that meet critical safety standards to protect patient health when buying medication online.

Canada Pharmacy Online


All of the Canadian pharmacy orders are processed by the Candrug pharmacy based in Surrey and operating out of the province of British Columbia, Canada. This Canada Pharmacy is located 30 minutes from the Canada/US border in the city of Surrey, near Vancouver. Their International products are supplied by a number of overseas partners from countries such as Turkey, Mauritius, New Zealand, Australia, and United Kingdom.

At Canada Pharmacy Online, your health comes first. CanadaPharmacyOnline.com has been in business since 2006, and has helped over 500,000 customers save money on quality prescription medication. They specialize in chronic care medicines that many people must take to sustain or improve their life.

CanadaPharmacyOnline.com provides one of quickest and easiest ordering processes available online today. They provide and affordable prescription drugs with three important guarantees: a Satisfaction Guarantee, a Best Price Guarantee, and a Shipping Guarantee. Customers have their choice of four simple ways to place their orders – online, by mail, by fax, or toll-free over the telephone. Customer Service Representatives have been acknowledged for their superior customer service, and can assist customers in multiple languages, including Spanish and French.

Canadian Family Pharmacy

Canadian Family Pharmacy is indeed one of the best sources for affordable medications online. This store started its service in 2003, and is still growing. Canadian Pharmacy is a resonant name that rings familiar among domestic and overseas customers alike. During the period of its existence, they have generated thousands of happy customers.

The site states that their products provide faster results than non-customized brand analogs. Generic drugs they offer can be chosen based on one’s unique needs and preferences; they are characterized by the highest perceived value for customers and safety, since they are only authentically produced drugs by reliable manufacturers.

The store has enough confidence in their products so that they are ready to offer 100% money-back guarantees in case one is unsatisfied with the results received with the drugs bought from them.

The company claims to be on a mission to cut down their costumers’ expenses with a varied range of tools, from much lower generic drug prices to promotions, discount codes and coupons, bonuses and free shipping for bigger orders.

Canadian Family Pharmacy is an integrative service that does quality assurance, prescription filling and refilling, refills tracking, price running, calculating, discount alerting and negotiating. It checks off pretty much every item on your pharmacy shopping TBD list.

Apart from being a dependable supplier of pharmaceutical miscellany, Canadian Family Pharmacy is a goldmine for those interested in men’s health products. Their drugstore is known everywhere for its expertise in the field of ED (erectile dysfunction) and related conditions treatment.

Canadian Pharmacy Meds


More then 250,000 satisfied customers worldwide know that Canadian Pharmacy Meds is one of the best and most reliable online sources to get the prescriptions you need to keep your health intact.

As one of the top rated online pharmacies in the world, you’ll want to add your voice too to Canadian Pharmacy Meds reviews once you experience the stellar customer service and incredibly low prices.

It’s easy to order. Customers can do so via the simple online form or via email, fax or phones. All orders are processed within 28 to 72 hours after payment. You’ll receive your medications in approximately 16 working days.

The customer service representatives at the online pharmacy are always available to answer any questions or resolve problems you may have.

Canadian Health and Care Mall


People who are living with serious health concerns know all too well how costly buying prescription medications can be. They also know how time-consuming picking them up at the nearest drugstore is, too. Thankfully, Canadian Health&Care Mall is available to save the day.

Canadian Health&Care Mall is a dependable and trustworthy service that features a large array of generic and brand medications — and all at very inexpensive prices. When you visit Canadian Health&Care Mall, you can get quick access to drugs that are available from global dispensaries, fulfillment centers and licensed pharmacies all over the nation.

Since 2003, Canada Drug Stop is all about top-notch customer service. This licensed online pharmacy is also all about a hassle-free ordering process and rapid delivery. After you place your order, be sure to provide a rating and review of your experience with the pharmacy. Canadian Health&Care Mall reviews can aid other consumers in their decision regarding making purses there, as well.

Canada Drugs United


Have you ever thought about purchasing prescription drugs online in order to save money? Canada Drugs United will allow you to save considerable money on your prescriptions and still get the same quality drugs you need to maintain good health.

Buying from this online pharmacy is the ideal way to save on your medications as it’s easy to place an order. Simply create an account and upload your current prescription.

It’s best to order your medications about 30 to 40 days to allow Canada Drugs United to fill your prescription, send it to you and give it sufficient time to clear American customs.

Once you get your quality medications, don’t forget to add your voice to the Canada Drugs United reviews so that others can start saving.